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Distressing news, friends...

A fellow fanfic writer copied, word for word, and entire chapter of my story "Uncertainty on the Wings of Hope," and inserted it into their own story. They even added an author's note, shouting out to me "Thanks for the unintentional help" or some such rubbish, like they talked to me about it or something.


What am I to do?

Uncertainty on the Wings of Hope: 3/?

Title: Uncertainty on the Wings of Hope
Chapter: 3/?
Beta: none
Pairing(s): Kyle/Jessie (main)
Characters: All
Disclaimer: Have not, own not.
Summary: What was she doing out there all by herself, naked? What happened to her? Miranda starts asking the right questions and may be confronted with the answers before she’s ready. Madacorp makes an entrance, and the Trager’s deal with the emotional return of Kyle.
A/N: This chapter was insanely difficult for me to write. I had a difficult time trying to get the characters to move along the story, and I couldn’t get them to say or do what I wanted them to. Bah. Also, a good portion actually comes from the episode.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3Collapse )

Uncertainty on the Wings of Hope: 2/?

Title: Uncertainty on the Wings of Hope
Chapter: 2/?
Beta: none
Pairing(s): Kyle/Jessie (main)
Characters: All
Disclaimer: Have not, own not.
Summary: Miranda and her charge find themselves in a sticky situation.
A/N: Thanks to all those who’ve reviewed and read! It warms my heart and fuels my desire to continue!

Chapter 2Collapse )

Uncertainty on the Wings of Hope: 1/?

Title: Uncertainty on the Wings of Hope
Chapter: 1/?
Beta: none
Pairing(s): Kyle/Jessie (main)
Characters: All
Disclaimer: Have not, own not.
Summary: It wasn’t the hunter that found Jessie after Tom and Kyle blew up Zzyzx. It was someone else. How will this one event, affect the lives of our characters? Hopefully, a better start will have an even better ending.
A/N: I’m not a huge fanfic writer, though I am an avid reader. I know, another “What if” but this popped into my head recently and I was so taken with the idea, I just had to try.

Chapter 1Collapse )


I'm feeling starved for some Kyle and Jessie fic....

I've gotten really into Kyle XY lately, and I'll totally angsting about the fact that there aren't many stories to be read, and most of the good or interesting ones have been abandoned for nigh on 4 years now....

Oh, does it make me sad....

Game Night and Star Flux

The wait is almost over!

All my brother and I have to wait on now is the closing date, where we sign all the paperwork and money exchanges hands and the house is no longer under my name!

If I was the type of person, I would have jumped and squealed and danced at work.
As it was, I just gave a great big "Yes!" cha-chinged and turned expectantly to my coworkers.... then was greatly disappointed at their level of enthusiasm for me. Seriously, it was so underwhelming. I  said, Wow guys, thanks for the enthusiasm, I'm so overwhelm.

One laughed (the jerk), and the other turned to me, and was like, sorry I was really concentrating, what happened? So I told her, then got proper enthusiasm, then we talked about what I was gonna do with the return and what I planned to do in the future.

I think they forgot I wasn't planning to spend the next 30 yrs of my life there. Huh, go figure.

Fun Times Ahead...

Did I mention?
I'm going to DragonCon this weekend! >D

Gonna hang out with some Torchwood, True Blood, and Firefly/Serenity guests!

No one else going? Be envious! Bwahaha!
So I've complained several time to my grandmother, any time that's it's come up, that I was never invited to my youngest uncle's wedding, on my dad's side.

Facepalmed moment beneath...Collapse )

What a wonderful way to start the day...

I woke up and scared the shit out of myself. I thought I had to work today, and that I was gonna be 2 hours late if my boss wasn't feeling generous enough to approve me coming in at 12 and still working my 8 1/2 hrs.
Shenanigans....and Someone hates me todayCollapse )
Let's give them more reasons to think so. Let's take our children to a MIDNIGHT showing of a movie.
Let's PUBLICIZE a murderer's face and name, giving him EXACTLY what I'm sure he set out to get: recognition. Infamy. Publicity.

Well, at least we know that people won't take their kids to midnight movie showings anymore. I think that would be the one of the only good things that could come out of this. The other would be weeding out the gene pool; teaching that psycho and others like him a lesson, as well as all those parents who thought taking their kids at MIDNIGHT was a good idea.

Psycho-kill must have been some kinda genius though to tripwire his whole apartment. Only admirable quality,

Fic prompt anyone?

Soo..... I should probably wait until another ficathon comes around or something, but I was afraid I'd forget about it and I didn't know where I should post this otherwise.... and some communities I couldn't post to at all. :/

Could someone do a Jumanji/Who crossover? I started watching it out of the blue (it's been YEARS) and I remembered at the end, there was a bit of Time rewinding/rewritting going on. Can mesh however you want, or make it you're own using that theme.

The Doctor and Rose are the pairing of choice, of course.


500 miles - Day 10, 11, 12, 13


500 miles - Day 8


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